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Calling Stone


Collect twenty-five of the Attuned Rift Stones and bring them back to Malach Wickwater.


After Denaj’s destruction and the breaking of her Runes of Altercation, it seems that there is still a great deal of Rift energy surrounding the area nearby. The beasts that have become tainted with it have grown to an unbelievable size and they seem to be drawn to certain stones. Perhaps these stones are fragments of the runes Denaj used in her dark magic. Malach may have use for these as a distraction when the Peacemantle begin their assault on the Factory.



Did you bring something for me?
I think we can find a use for these. I will let you know if we require anything further for our preparations.



  • 7770 experience
  • 1 80
Quest Facts

- Level: 48
- Requires level 45
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: No