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A Lone Blade


Find Blade Harduk north of Xas Snag and south of Phenos.


    When The Great Silence ended there were a few among the forerunners who broke off all contact and headed in to Xas Snag. The fools hoped to reclaim a land that was lost before we sought refuge behind the great walls of Xanjuix Karr. They knew the consequences when they entered that cursed place, but our presence here is still too small to root them out. One of the Blades of Ghazmok came not longer after that vowing that he would drive the exiles from Xas Snag and return them to Phenos to meet judgment. I hardly think a single Blade could accomplish this but he has not yet returned. Those that follow Ghazmok are a stubborn breed. You may find him somewhere north of Xas Snag, I doubt even a Blade would be foolhardy enough to set a camp where he could be easily seen.
    I see the Woe Bringer has sent someone else when he should come himself. Why am I not surprised? Those who follow Vakgarr are all so predictable. They drone on about the change that will soon grip this world, but when action must be taken they do not have the stomach to hold a sword. You will find Ghazmok’s methods are more… direct.


    • None


    • 210 experience
    • 1 80
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 12
    - Requires level 10
    - Side: Kujix
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes