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Howling on the Horizon


Speak with Scholar Kaperna in Shax Trader to find out more about the Westpaw invasion of the ruins of Goobok.


    I do tire of this posting but I suppose someone must keep the dregs of society in line while the empire reclaims what was lost during the Great Silence. News of all kinds passes through this outpost and I have heard recently that the ancient ruins of Goobnok have now been inhabited by the Westpaw Gnolls! It is said they “follow” something, but the meaning is unclear to me. Scholar Kaperna has gone to Shax Trader in an attempt to learn more. Meet her there; she’ll have a use for you.
    What you have heard is true, Kujix. The Westpaw have amassed a significant invasion force and have holed up in the ruins of Goobnok. I don’t plan to sit idly by while these dogs desecrate this most sacred ground. Do you?


    • None


    • 100 experience
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 24
    - Requires level 21
    - Side: Kujix
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes