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A Helping Hand


Recover Anice's Ivory Broach from the Sandsong Frognar at the Sandsong Temple to the south.


I'm sorry to bother you but you look as if you might be able to help me, if you have the time of course. I am a stranger to Sandshore and have only recently travelled here from Greenvale, perhaps you have heard of it? Yes, well, as I was making my way here I seemed to have lost something very valuable to me but alas all my efforts to recover it haven't turned up a thing. My father gave me a fine Ivory Broach before I left Greenvale and somewhere along the road it must have fallen out of one of the pack mooles bags. I've retraced my steps but I am starting to suspect the Frognar around Sandsong Temple might have run off with it! Please, if you can spare the time and recover the broach I would be forever in your debt.
Have you found it?
Oh thank you! I won't forget your kindness!


  • None


  • 3130 experience
  • 2 85
Quest Facts

- Level: 19
- Requires level 16
- Side: Asharr
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes