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Away Without Leave


Find the Sandsteel bandit Ponce near Sandsong Temple south of Jagged Watch.


    They call me a leader, but what does that really mean to this lot? A Sandsteel may come and go as he pleases, this isn't the Ardonya Guard afterall. One of my men, Ponce, has been away for quite some time now and I suspect he has gone down to Sandsong Temple to get a closer look at the Frognar there. There will be a high price to pay if he stirs up trouble with those creatures. Seek him out and keep him out of trouble if you can.
    It seems Jakky is getting a little soft. He fears too much of these Frognar they seem like an alright sort, well, for being Frognar. If you took the time to understand them you might see that the Frognar here aren't the real threat. There are other dangers in the Jagged Isles that could prove far more deadly to the Sandsteel. Stick around, I could use someone like you to help me here.


    • None


    • 3130 experience
    • 2 85
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 19
    - Requires level 16
    - Side: Asharr
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes