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The Quartermaster's Dilemma


Talk to Supplier Jinjuxx in Xanjuix Karr.


    Where have you been friend? Supplier Jinjuxx has sent runners to the 4 corners of the continent looking for you. Do us a favor friend, go see old Jinjuxx as soon as you can? We need no supply problems slowing down the war effort.


    • Renown (Renown Level 4)
    • Talrok (Talrok only)


    See what Jinjuxx needs, will you?
    Ah, there you are. I've sent runners to the 4 corners of the continent looking for you! Would you do me a great kindness friend? I am in need of a soldier who doesn't already possess a Talisman to place in a pair of leg armor. Most of the soldiers already possess such an item, but I'm aware that you do not. By doing this for me you allow me to fulfill my quota with our Talisman supplier, otherwise we may lose our contract with them altogether! Will you do this for me? You can choose any one you want. While you are here, you should look at a pair of battle leggings. I have a new set which will assist you greatly in your fights with the enemy. These have a strong blessing of Ghazmok, and you'd do well to take them into battle. Would you like to see?


    • 250 experience
    • 110 renown 
    • 2 50