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The Royal Guardians


Eliminate eight Royal Spardians.


The great queen of these spiders is believed to be some aberration of nature, perhaps even manipulated by magic or sorcery. No matter what the case is however, we can no longer ignore the threat she represents to our people on Aeon. Before you can assault her in her lair, we will have to reduce the number of her guards. Our agents will be striking other guards in the meantime, which will give us the chance we need to finish off the spider queen without interference.
Ista'Vezir is a terrifying existence.
With her guardians reduced in number, the time to destroy the Spider Queen is now Exemplar.


  • None


  • 61200 experience
  • 41 25
Quest Facts

- Level: 33
- Requires level 30
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Many Eyes
  2. Strands of Fate
  3. Seeds of Evil
  4. The Royal Guardians
  5. Ista'Vezir, the Spider Queen