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A Last Resort


Deliver the Uncharged Essence Bomb to Captain Zarji.


Perhaps I sent the wrong captain to Jaxar Viss. I would have thought Captain Zarji could have seen the solution that was right under his nose. Jaxar Viss was built upon a site of great power. Walk the soil for too long and you will become infused with the essence that fills those ancient stones. I am sure that by now you have seen what a magus can do by infusing essence with the power of storm. Imagine that power infused with the essence of these ancient ruins. Take this Uncharged Essence Bomb to Captain Zarji. Charge it with the essence of Jaxar Viss and use it to destroy the Bloodgem that summoned those cursed abominations.



I love the smell of Essence Bombs in the morning.
It will take more essence than I can summon to destroy a bloodgem, friend.


  • None


  • 4410 experience
  • 9 45
Quest Facts

- Level: 27
- Requires level 24
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: No


  1. A Last Resort
  2. The Jaxar Project
  3. Operation Viss
  4. Report from Jaxar Viss