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Head to Greenvale


Tell Scholar Malek in Greenvale about the undead threat in Andar Thresh.


    Scholar Malek is in Greenvale, just to the west of Andar Thresh in Hale Pines. Find him, and let him know of the problems we're having here in the Thresh.
    Scholar Malek should be easy to find. Just follow the road to west into Hale Pines and you'll come across Greenvale.
    Wolves, zombies and a Sprog necromancer? I wish that were the extent of it all. This little problem is much bigger than you may have imagined.


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    Quest Facts

    - Level: 5
    - Requires level 3
    - Side: Asharr
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes


    1. Speak with Mildran Koth
    2. The Old Abandoned Mine
    3. Ghostly Essence
    4. Maggothead
    5. Bones and Bones and Bones
    6. In Search of Malek
    7. Head to Greenvale