1. Remember Me

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No Compromise


Kill the tribal chief Raven Speaker and bring his Feathered Scepter to Ma'thesil.


The scouts have reported a successful result of your last task. With the wilders weakened and reeling from their own water sources, now is the time to make a precision strike and take down the tribal chief, Raven Speaker. Seek him out at the edge of the Ezu'run Shores and bring his tribal “scepter” to me when the deed is done. With this, our brothers and sisters should no longer be ambushed by crazy tribesmen along the road to Uz'ak.
One could almost feel sorry for these savages, if one forgets they had abandoned their true gods in favor of rocks and dead things…
With Raven Speaker's death the remaining wilders should be dealt with by the Avengers or the Golems when they flee the hills for safety. Feri-los Et'al Traveler, may the Circle embrace you.



  • 4300 experience
  • 15
Quest Facts

- Level: 4
- Requires level 4
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. The Stranded
  2. Wild and Crazy
  3. Population Control
  4. No Compromise