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The Lusha and the Crab


Kill five of the Lusha patrolling the shorelines near Uz'ak and bring their fangs to Agent Hel'i.


While we have tried on a few occasions to communicate with the Lusha on friendly terms, they do not seem too receptive of our advances. Normally this would lead to a neutral agreement to ignore each other as long as the peace is kept, but they continue to treat the beaches as personal property and do not seem willing to share. This is not an acceptable situation for us, as the shipyards require the use of the shoreline and we can’t have a threat this close. Our reduction of the crabs seems to have emboldened the snake-women into pressing their luck. I need you to demonstrate that negotiations are not at an end as they seem to think.
Sadly force seems to be our only means of making a point at times…
Excellent work. With these fangs we will send a message that negotiations will have to resume if they want to live in harmony with the Ourobani, as we intend.



  • 15625 experience
  • 1 65
Quest Facts

- Level: 12
- Requires level 10
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


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  3. The Lusha and the Crab
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