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A Simple Compromise


Recover the Priestess's Tablet from the giant crab Steelshell and return it to Shaal-kyss.


Sssoo, what we want isss ssimple. The crabsss have taken sssomething of oursss and we want it back. The large one known as Sssteelssshell devoured one of our sssisterss who happened to have a sssstone tablet of sssome importanccce. Bring that to me and we will agree to ssshare the watersss near your nessst, yesss?
Trussst worksss both waysss….
Thissss issss mosst unexpected. Sssince you have kept your end, we ssshall honor oursss. Asss a sssign of our faith, I will alssso give you a reward from our sssmall pile of treasssures we have gathered from these ssshoresss.



  • 21950 experience
  • 1 80
Quest Facts

- Level: 14
- Requires level 10
- Side:   
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


  1. Shore Security
  2. Claws of Death
  3. The Lusha and the Crab
  4. Sirens of the Sea
  5. A Simple Compromise