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Acolyte Assistance


Speak with Acolyte Kue.


    I came to Teldis to see gods locked in battle. So far I have seen only trees. Triasha has proven subtle; assaulting this territory less with brute force and more with encroaching flora. We will use her own weapons against her. But first we must prepare. Tell the acolytes you are ready to help.
    The acolytes will have tasks for you.
    Calculator Gerelk has vision. We must toil until we see this conflict as he does. As Xukiss does.


    • None


    • 50120 experience
    • 87 75
    Quest Facts

    - Level: 39
    - Requires level 37
    - Side: Kujix
    - Start:
    - End:
    - Sharable: Yes


    1. Acolyte Assistance
    2. Power Hungry
    3. Conduction Rods
    4. Return to Gerelk
    5. F. E. D. Extracts
    6. Wood Vibrations
    7. Eye Spy
    8. Smoke Them Out
    9. Backward Advance