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Conduction Rods


Collect ten Kallenwood Branches and bring them to Acolyte Kue.


The Iorite will not charge itself. You can't just toss it into the campfire and expect it to collect suitable energy. We need something significantly more... potent. We need lightning. Unfortunately we neglected to pack any. However, Teldis is green because it experiences many storms throughout the year. I have pieced together some devices that will serve to attract some lightning during the next storm, but we will need some tall rods to place them on - and we do not have the materials or tools to fashion any from proper materials. But that will not stop us. Find some branches from the Kallenwood trees you have no doubt seen as you've wandered about. They are not only tall and straight, but also remarkable in that they conduct energy in an admirable fashion.
The branches... bring me Kallenwood branches, Kujix!
Hmm, these are... satisfactory. Yes, I said it. I would send some neophytes to set them up properly, but in their absence some of these mercenaries will have to do.


  • None


  • 50120 experience
  • 87 75
Quest Facts

- Level: 39
- Requires level 37
- Side: Kujix
- Start:
- End:
- Sharable: Yes


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  2. Power Hungry
  3. Conduction Rods
  4. Return to Gerelk
  5. F. E. D. Extracts
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  8. Smoke Them Out
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